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Demi Lovato for Tyler Shields Bullshit of the Day

These pictures annoy me….but then again so does everything Tyler Shields does….

For those of you who don’t know, or care, Tyler Shields is supposed to be this high concept photography artist genius at least by Hollywood standards cuz his dad is probably a famous producer or some shit…but still gets work and press for is “wild” and “crazy” shoots that take about as much thought and as about as high concept as a pile of bullshit to shock….he’s only interesting cuz the people in the pics are famous…or semi-famous..or Demi Lovato.. because the general public are fucking retards….so as his career grows for being full of shit and a lie….he’s pumping out crap like this…of Demi Lovato…chubby Demi Lovato…without showing off the one important thing about herother than her bi-polar disorder….her tits…

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