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Jessica Alba Pantsless Some Australia Magazine Shoot of the Day

I’m a little slow on these pictures and I don’t even know why I feel compelled to post them…but they are of new mom Jessica Alba that were in Australia Instyle this past January…and they could have been shot pretty much any fucking time…but I’m gonna assume they are after her second baby….so I figure my motivation is trying to understand how she pulled off this pantsless leotard looking onesie shit…without having a fleshy pile of mom pussy sticking out the sides…is it photoshop…or is Alba a freak of nature…or more importantly…does Alba just get a C-Section like every smart girl trying to maintain her pussy’s appearance and tightness….not that it matters since my dick is so small, even an infant’s vagina is loose on me….but I like wasting my days thinking about these idiotic things…thanks for joining me.

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