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Taylor Momsen’s Using Jenna Haze in Music Videos of the Day

Jenna Haze is the reason I am not a judge at the AVN Awards anymore….not that it was a paying gig….but I still fucking hate her for it….see getting thousands of pornos a week before Christmas that I never watched made me feel so fucking relevant in society…

The reason she hates me is simple, 99 percent of bitches in porn are insane. They have these egos, they think they are imoportant, or that they matter, when they are really interchangable with any pussy willing to fuck on camera…its not really a talent to fuck on camera…if anything, it’s serious bottom feeding…..

See I’ve banged many girls in my life, and those girls all fuck just as good as porn pussy, they just aren’t as loud and theatrical about it, most of the time, and that’s a good thing…cuz that’s phony shit is what I hate about porn….

Anyway, I made fun of her in bikini pics years ago, saying she shit her pants, she cried to her boyfriend and possible faggot, Jules Jordan, Jules Jordan cried to AVN threatening to pull shit sponsorship, I got kicked out of judging….cuz money talks and that’s ok….

I still get to go to the awards and laugh at these dumb cunts who want so desperately to be mainstream, they’re just too busy escorting to take the time to make smarter career moves….dumb cunts….

So Jenna Haze, one of the biggest stars in porn in the last 4-5 years is now starring in Taylor Momsen music videos and the future must seem bright for this piece of shit hooker….big moves….for a big cunt….literally…all while Taylor Momsen pulls this poser, phony, rock and roll lie….trying to be edgy and dangerous…smoking…drinking…lesbianism…topless bitches…pornstars…..shocking…..what a fucking joke….try harder you fake…..even if nothing is actually authentic….at least do a better job being believable….

Here’s the video….


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  • Triz

    Thanks! Now everytime I frap to Jenna Haze, I’m going to be picturing her in a shit filled bikini….. ummm, scat….

  • Expletive:BMP

      what a boring song video and artist, and why is everyone pretending to be so fucking edgy when in fact they’re as edgy as a plastic spoon.  Remember back in the day, when they’d bring on all those old movies from the sixties and forties and fifties, when the bad guy or gal just looked evil but always dressed immaculate?   Remember those days?  Like Angel Eyes from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, you knew the guy was bad and didn’t need an explanation why he was, Lee Van Cleef just looked the part, but not these fucking assholes these days; everyone has to dress like fucking losers to be seen as edgy, not to mention covering their flesh with stupid fucking pictures, wear tear up clothes and have a million piercings, and everyone’s sucking on each others face because they’re all edgy that way, fucking assholes!