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Topless Scene on Set of Spring Breakers of the Day

It’s not an Spring Break without titties….so I guess the geniuses behind the Spring Breakers….a movie that stars Vanessa “not so hot but willing to show her naked twat” Hudgens…..Selena “Sex Offender Who Looks 12” Gomez and some other bitch no one has ever heard of but that who is milking this as hard as she can cuz this is her big break….They’ve had the paparazzi on set everyday to fuel the hype behind what I am sure is going to be a fucking shitty movie….and not just because Spring Break is a tacky Jersey Shore mess of disgusting….but because I can just tell…..but at least they are keeping it as authentic as possible by getting a couple dumb cunts to be their “topless” partiers…making these pics likely the best part of the movie….mainly cuz I like seeing local bitches get excited enough to do this cuz you know the producer met her in a bar a few nights earlier and she thinks this is her big break….amazing….but she’ll probably amount to nothing but an extra, with these morals and values, she’ll likely be pregnant in a few months anyway…..so take her 5 minutes of fame in…..it’s worth it cuz there are tits.

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  • I just found out Harmony Korine is directing this.  Since I am a fan of his other work, I now have super high expectations for this movie.  Maybe we’ll even get to be lucky enough to see Vanessa get herpes. =)

  • raper

    Or maybe we could see Vanessa get her bikini ripped to shreds and get raped like the fucking whore she is