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Christina Ricci Topless Scene from Some Move of the Day

CHRISTINA RICCI was some bitch you probably jerked off to when she was all Gothic in the Addam’s Family….you know cuz you love young girls in movies knowing they probably put out to be there even though they are just 10….

She went on to be a tormented teen, who got fat and busty, while remaining gothic…and if you were around in the 90s…she was someone a lot of guys wanted to taste…..

Then she got anorexic, chopped off her tits, and that was the end of her as far as I’m concerned, because as a fan and supporter of natural tits…huge natural tits…I hate and consider anyone to amputate them to look skinnier while pretending it is to save their back my enemy…

Well she’s still around, even though I forgot her….and she’s in some movie that came out in February showing tit…here’s the clip…..

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  • Shitdick

    compared to black snake moan, this clip is “utterly” pointless….

    Get it…utters…like on a cow….aka milk sacks? aka TITTIES!!!!!!!!!

  • Why don’t all those damn annoying but delightfully naked PETA bitches go and attack her for massacring her chest?  Breasts have feelings too, and they feel pretty great in my hand.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    You know this cunt tastes of Cigarettes, lube and regret. 

  • Goolash