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Carmen Electra Old Lady with Implants Bikini Shoot of the Day

Nothing says hot like a bitch who was toned, hot and naked in the 90s, than seeing her turned into a mom, with a mom body, trading her size 0 waist for some kind of boxy weirdness she can than menopause and being in 40s for….it’s some kind of cry for attention that luckily involved her hiding her ass…cuz that shit would clearly make all of our memories of this bitch and her hotness come crashing down like the rest of her thanks to “gravity” and weakened elasticity in her skin….

I guess she’ll do anything for attention, just a few months ago she was hosting a club night at a local club and no one cared…I guess getting in a bikini was meant to generate some buzz…buzz that would be better spent starving herself and doing sit-ups……

I’m not an asshole, I just hate these bitches who don’t let go. They don’t embrace that they won the lottery and are millionaires thanks to their hot young bodies and fake tits, far more successful than local strippers with similar morals and values, you know naked in playboy for a quick buck that lasted a decade….longer than it should have….They are just greedy and want the money train to continue…even though they are talentless and their body that got them here didn’t stay up to par for the task….cuz beauty is fleeting motherfucker…and here is the proof….

Let go Carmen Electra…go back to your real name, Tara Leigh Patrick and be an adult, adopt a baby and be a mom, and save the bikinis for your vacations like other moms with fake tits….you’re done.


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  • Ibyte69

    Shes still fucking hot

  • Oh.. leave Carmen alone.. I really don’t think she’s that much of an attention whore.. I think people ask her to do come and host these events and she does.  If someone called and said I’ll give you $25k to come and drink all night as long as we get some pics of you.. wouldn’t you do it?  

    Go pick on LiLo.  That’s an attention whore. 

    And.. yeah.. she is still hot. ibyte69.

  • Well that accomplished nothing other than make you sound bitter over who knows what. She steal that elusive playboy spot from your Mom back ’96? 

    Yea that’s right, I went there….

    Goddamn…Mom jokes make me want to go jerk off. brb.

  • Anonymous

    Carmen looks pretty damn good to me.  I would do her if I didn’t know that Rodman had done her in every way.

  • Kar Green

    She had vag surgery after rodman so it might not be like a bucket

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the tighting surgery would help but the image of Rodman all over her would be a mode breaker.  Then there’s the disease concern.