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Is This Kristen Stewart Nude in On the Road of the Day

So On the Road is a movie based on Kerouac’s book of the same name…and it stars Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst….

The rumor is that Kristen Stewart has “Provocative” nude scenes in it….nude multiple times….trying to break free from her typecast shitty acting filled twilight stint….you know as much as I hate these bitches, I figure that as long as they try to re-invent themselves…the only way I don’t get annoyed of them reinventing themselves….by getting naked…I’m into it…..

Her white trash – destined to be a street hooker background – who went off course…is doing a good job tapping into her natural born skills….

That is if his is actually her….I can’t be too sure.

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  • LolleyGagger

    After much “enhance” techniques developed by our gov and comparison photos after much deliberation I can honestly say, It could be! Sorry for being the asshole but it doesn’t actually look like her IMHO.

  • PrivateParts

    That’s not Kristen Stewart – that’s totally Kirsten Dunst, I should know, I have stalked her for years.  

  • expletiveBMP

    meh, it may not be that have I seen better, but it has been done before by more provocative actresses than they are.  Kristen dunst and stewart may be rye-bread betty crock, but to me, it would have been more alluring were it megan fox.  and when it comes to acting, megan and stewart are one in the same.     

  • Nixxon


  • The_real_frostyman

    Pretty sure that nose belongs to Elizabeth Moss. 

  • Pezoncete

    is a pic of http://ryanmcginley.com/

  • Wayne T

    Sorry to disappoint but neither Kirsten or Kristen bare any body part in this new film, i know Kirsten has bared all in her recent Melancholia but she said she doesn’t have a nude scene in this one. And i seriously doubt Kristen would go this nude for a film, no chance.

  • Tom
  • Trippe69

    Her tits aren’t that big.

  • guest

    actually kristen shows tits in this film and give a simulated double handjob to two guys. 


  • Dingo

    thats not the same car used in “on the road”. so i guess thats not her

  • i ust love an adore krsten in the nude.she is so gogeous an sexy