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Demi Lovato Too Fat For Shape August 2012 of the Day

Demi Lovato is fat, so I don’t know what the fuck she is doing on the cover of Shape magazine, unless of course Shape magazine is catering to the needs of America like an Airline company and movie theater widening their seats, you know putting bitches who aren’t in shape, but who are round and doughy in shape, because they pretend to be bipolar and bipolar bitches can eat whatever the fuck they want, cuz they have a valid fucking excuse, or some shit….or maybe the people considered in Shape in America are just fat chicks, but I’m thinking they figure it’ll see some fucking issues, even if they have to airbrush some abs on her slob ass stomach….and for those of you who don’t know what an Ass Stomach is, it’s a stomach so fat you can fuck it…

Here are the pics…

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  • Rachel

    You are everything that is wrong with the world. After this post about Demi Lovato I will not be on your site again. The girl has recovered from an eating disorder, a little insensitive? Fucking idiot.

  • Amber

    *SELF magazine. That might be a reason why they aren’t as concerned about her shape. Moron.

  • Rachel and Amber both sound like fat cunts.

  • Kevin

    I hate Demi Lovato…I do not feel bad for someone that is depressed about living every teen girl’s dream…She needs to get some confidence, stop cuting herself, and say “I’m fat, but I’m rich, suck it.”

    But I will have to agree with Amber…That is SELF magazine…OWNED. I know how difficult it can be to read a single word…I mean both self and shape start with S so I can understand your confusion.

  • vitobonespur

    She doesn’t look fat to me. In fact, she looks fucking amazing (and, I’ll wager, vice versa).

  • PlumbPudding

    This is just insane. She looks crazy hot! I don’t understand why some people, including the person who posted this, think super skinny girls who are only bones look hot? Really?! Plus, MICKC seems like an idiot. Yeah, this site has gotten ridiculously stupid.

  • M

    This site is the Lindsey Lohan of entertainment blogs. Used to be entertaining, now it’s just self-absorbed and annoying.

  • Joe

    Fuck this website. I won’t be coming back.

  • Arzach

    Do you know how to read?

    Because on that cover I read SELF not SHAPE.

  • Walkaway_Joe

    In each of the 3 photos she is striking the slimming pose invented by Garth Brooks: stand with your hips, legs and feet turned to the side; then twist your torso back to the front to face the camera. Your shoulders are now much wider than your lower half.

  • DooDoo

    Dude. What the actual fuck? If she’s considered a huge fat ass all women should just give up cause there is no hope. I used to think this site was funny, now I just kinda feel bad cause this has reached a point of no return. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes fat jokes are funny. This, this is not funny…

  • John Joseph

    First, the magazine is called “Self”, not Shape, second, you insensitive idiot, this girl has recovered from an eating disorder. She has been very vocal in regards to her self-esteem, and trying to motivate a positive outlook to all young girls who deal with some of the same issues. I agree with the other posts, after this post about Demi Lovato I will not be on your site again. You are a Fucking idiot. An attempt at humor of the lowest common denominator.

  • KatieG

    Seriously. This is fat? SERIOUSLY? What the fuck? She’s gotta be a 4 or 6. I can’t fathom what people find attractive nowadays. It’s unbelievable.

  • Lellie

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read in my existence. Even if she was on Shape (which, we’ve by now determined she’s not) she is IN shape and looks healthy. Worst post ever.

  • Travis

    Haha, Jesus, you’re such a fucking retard.

    That said, this chick is ugly & annoying & dumpy as fuck…