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Megan Fox in her Underwear for a Movie Trailer of the Day

Thanks to modern technology – there is always going to be access to a half naked Megan Fox before she was pregnant….and thank to post partum and a hatred for the baby who ruined your career and the man who polluted you with the baby that ruined your career through brain washing and guilt tripping, coupled with a need to make money, cuz the guy you let pollute you with a baby is not really a money maker, and 90210 money from the 90s can’t last forever….along with the fact that there are countless…millions even…hot girls who are more appealing than Alba who are fighting for the same gigs…and who are willing to get naked for those roles….I can assume she’ll be naked in movies before she dies…and it may be something to look forward to, depending on how she bounces back….

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  • Mush

    Too bad her face looks like a ruptured ass tulip…

  • Crazy

    really? 5 minutes of listening to old people who can’t accept their prime is behind them to see 2 seconds of megan fox?

    prick …

  • bb

    Girl done gone messed up her face.