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Kelly Brook’s 2013 Calendar of the Day

Kelly Brook has really fucking put her 32 year old huge fucking tits to work the last few months….I can only assume it is because she knows she only has a few more months, maybe a year left in her and she’s gotta bank as much as she can, cuz you know that she looks at herself in the mirror and sees nipples aiming more towards the ground, wrinkles violating her face, and goes to sleep hearing screams of her uterus saying feed me…something she did a few months ago, before deciding it was best for the family to squash that move, and instead make money….and little fetus who may or may not be in a jar on her bedside table, as a beacon of what she sacrificed and a tool to inspire her to go that extra mile in her push to be the best big tits she can….and for that I commend her…cuz I hate babies, hate ruined mom bodies, love huge titties, on a body that’s making money getting half naked….Kelly Brook is an inspiration to us all and here’s her 2013 calendar she shot for the 1% of the population who still use calendars….all in their fucking late 70s…as the rest of us rock our smart phones…

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