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Justin Bieber Threw Up on Stage of the Day

Justin Bieber is one step closer to Falling the fuck off….as he pukes on stage.

As much as I hate seeing people puking, on the street, in porn, or on my dick when the crackwhore is drunk, dying and and sucking my dick, I love seeing this…

Sure it could be food poisoning, or maybe it is USHER’s semen, dude fills the belly up like donkey in heat or maybe it is drinking, drugs and other ailments today’s youth, especially, former child stars, face….

THis is the video of the fucking weekend.

Here’s some Selena Gomez cuz she sex offended him before her implants / weight gain for marketing purposes….and may still be pretend dating him for marketing purposes to make this post less homo….cuz puking twinks isn’t erotic…it’s just funnny

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  • xv

    He makes me wanna throw up …
    He’s hanging around longer than I thought ..damn 12year olds and teens buying his shit..

  • John Cee

    Sheeeeee-it Jizzus. He should’ve had his stomach pumped like Rod Stewart after sucking you off bitch.

  • Rosarch

    So he is pregnant?

  • Analfabeto

    Even vomiting this dude looks like a total pussy…