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Jemina Kirke From Girls Topless and Pregnant for Vice of the Day

My lovely friends who I kinda hate but have to like even though they have gone mainstream along with hipsterism and in doing so have turned their back on me thanks to dollar signs and MTV financing….have done a pretty amazing…but not in an erotic way…shoot with hipster, artist, Bad Company Drummer Daughter, socialite, New Yorker, who is on the HBO Show Girls that I hear is Sex and The City for hipster ugly chicks, but that I refuse to watch….because it is about ugly chicks…and to me ugly chicks don’t exist and hearing about their fake sex lifes is totally uninteresting….

I am a firm believer that pregnancy represent prison and body destruction and freaky alien shit as a thing grows inside a pussy before ravaging it, so I don’t find this kind of behavior hot, erotic or the natural process of a woman….I find it horrible, scary and worse than a horror movie….I try not to be mean – cuz I like all girls who get naked when they don’ have to…but sometimes people make it impossible for me…

Here’s Jemina Kirke from girls topless and preggers for VICE. This is a grimey fucking shoot and she looks disgusting and that is amazing…


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  • Rap Said IT

    Jesus wat da fuck hoes like dis be on the site fo Nigga … Bitch be a fucking fat bitch

  • al bundy

    this is too much reality for one day

  • Cannon

    can’t believe there is pregger porn and this is the foreplay for it

  • ExpletiveBMP

    o my goodness I just want to sniff her armpits, and not even in a sexual way, or maybe that is sexual in some grubby desperate virgin kind of way, or maybe it isn’t; maybe it’s like wanting to smell a pretty girl’s fart; anyone ever wanted to do that, or watch a pretty girl poop, now that would be awesome, but hypocritically though, if she’s not hot then it’s disgusting, and by hot i mean not bad to look at and thick, solid, buxom with a bit of belly fat and love handles and thick legs, or maybe even less belly and legs or more, whatever; if she’s 5’7″, then she’d better be between 140-190lbs. pretty in the face but generous in the body, but if she’s scrawny and pretty looking, for me, that’s like a stone throw away from disgusting, so she’d better be thick or at least healthy; i so fucking hate nasty fucking skinny Ethiopian looking bitches (and i call them bitches on account they’re disgusting looking; skin and bones, ewww, fucking model looking scrawny fuck fucks). But if we want to get sexual, I’d love to—is she married, because if she is I’d be guilty of coveting another man’s wife and that’s not very nice (if she’s married to a woman, no biggie, i’d just fuck em both, okay that’s bullshit i’m a liar and not cool at all; i’d just tell them they’re pretty and run away, i’ve done it before so yeah i’m a virgin loser), but if she’s not, most assuredly I’d love to rub my Rumpelstiltskin all over her toes, then watch her shit, smell her farts and suck on her tits, and that is all I’d ever want to do, well, I’d probably also make her breakfast, cook her dinner, and clean her house, but not a fuck after that.

  • missskitttin

    Who writes these articles? I am really curious to know the person that writes these and it would be refreshingly assuring to know that he/she writes them for the sake of trash journalism ’cause one gotta pay the rent…

  • star

    So its Lives not lifes you sad excuse for a blogger. And who are you kidding? Ugly girls exist to you because you cant get a pretty girl with your sad job. You’ll never get a better job with that kind of writing and everyone knows pretty girls like money. Poor middle class guys don’t exist for them.