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Bérénice Marlohe is Pretty Fantastic for FHM of the Day

Bérénice Marlohe is from France, she’s 33 and sheis a Bond girl in Skyfall…a movie I will definitely not be seeing because James Bond movies are the fucking worst….especially the modern ones…and the only redeeming thing about them is the sexy girls they cast to be the love interest….even if they like to keep shit G rated to sell tickets to the youth….and never use them to their full Euro potential of willing to get naked in public for free….you see cuz even the mainstream movies I’ve seen from France….involve actual penetration….the way movie sex is supposed to be…

Either way, she was in FHM….cuz FHM is really up to speed on new it girls who need exposure at the right time….in hopes of saving the dying magazine brand…and I am more than happy to stare at the pics…even if they aren’t all that amazing…but they are of a new star…I’ll be sure to keep my eye for her topless pics….like it is my fucking job cuz it is my fucking job.

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