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Scarlett Johansson Showing Off New Tattoo of the Day

Scarlett Johansson got a new tattoo and she’s showing it off for the internet because that’s what people do when they get new tattoos…at least all the people I see with half sleeves who now all of a sudden rock tank tops that they never rocked before…or all the people with calf tattoos who still wear shots in winter…just so people see their 300 dollar investment….not that Scarlett Johansson’s new tattoo cost 300 dollars…shit looks like she got it done at a flea market…you know with an AIDS ridden tattoo gun…all filled with Hep like it was Pam Anderson cuz the don’t have running water at the flea market to clean the shit…I mean this is so bad…it looks like she got it in prison with pen ink and a vote for Obama pin….but as someone who loves the cowboy movement…especially that of the 60s…I guess it’s kinda cute…and I mean any excuse for any girl to pull her shirt up…is a good one…even if it is visually not all that awesome.

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  • The only thing that could have saved that awful tattoo that most 5 year olds could draw better, would have been to make the words say fucky you. Which this douche basically did to her. He fucked her, but not in the good way that involves cock.

  • Joe

    Next episode of Tattoo Nightmares….

  • Scarlett dear, why would you desecrate such a body beautiful?

  • Josh

    Yeah… Because tattoo artists usually rinse their equipment off with water…