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Vanessa Hudgens Showing Her Flexibility of the Day

Just the other day, TWEEN STELLA HUDGENS POSTED PICS OF HER FLEXBILITY AT SOME STRIPPER CLASS …that I assume they are pretending is for Fitness, despite the only time I ever saw this circus shit live was at the porn awards, performed by hard fucking core pornstar Belladonna, leading me to think it’s not quite a classy activity….but more one for those who like to get naked to get ahead…

So I guess it is only natural that Vanessa Hudgens, barely famous in her own right, squash out her baby sister’s moment of glory, by posting her rendition of the pics…sibling rivalry where she showed that she is just as flexible, in what my fantasies are calling a potentially hot sisters in group sex video that I hope this constant competitive one-upping leads to..

You know since Vanessa Hudgnes is already a solid kiddy porn producer…after realeasing some 17 year old girl bush fetish pics back when she was 17….

It is only expected that there’s more to come…and with pics like this…I anxiously await….cuz I got nothing better to do….

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  • Rosarch

    I want to date both of them, at the same time. Two super hotties.