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Ashley Tisdale’s Ripped Bikini Body of the Day

Ashley Tisdale, attention seeker, overrated celebrity, High School Musical drop out, who couldn’t quite pull off what her co-workers have pulled off….even though she’s got a hotter body….and who is thus capable of pulling off the surfer chick look, in skimpy bikini bottoms, that look like PANTIES OMG and a crop top t-shirt showing off her toned stomach and fucking cowboy boots like this was a stripper act or Debbie Does Dallas, the original…..and she just won my heart even though I have been committed to calling her face ugly the last few decades….I guess doing countless sit-ups is all it takes to distract from a scary face…..

She’s won this round…

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  • roscoe

    Nothing wrong with admitting you were wrong, finally.

  • eat a dick

    haha she has always been sexy as hell fuck you hayzeus


    Eat a Dick is 100% right.
    A.T. has ALWAYS been sexy.

  • cowbulls

    I agree she is very sexy but she isn’t in the elite catagory.

  • Instagram Filters Save Broken Down Faces @eatadick / @likmibalz – @cowbells knows what’s up…..bitch ain’t LEEEET

  • Rosarch

    I love this hot little slut. I would bang her sixteen ways from Sunday.

  • No idea who the hell Ashley Tisdale is, but I’d surely give it to her!