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Amanda Byne’s Artistic New Years Instagram Pic of the Day

Thanks to instagram…people can finally be the inner artist they’ve always been but never had the means to show the world…you know cuz real photography comes with a shitty camera phone and some shitty filters….and a girl willing to take pics of herself as Amanda Bynes proves with this titty shot….in the midst of her falling off crazy breakdown weirdness….she’s here to say “I am an artist….and you can’t take that away from me”….with pics of her titties…I am into this.

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  • roscoe

    For once I agree with you. Great tits and great pic.

  • shitdick

    wow, some dark low res shitty pic with no exposed tits that could be anyone’s ….yeah, great work.

  • Rosarch

    She has fantastic fucking tits. She would be a blast to fuck and she is experienced because she was/is a hooker.