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Jennifer Lawrence’s Wardrobe Malfunction Fail of the Day

When I hear there’s a wardrobe malfunction…my first response is anger caused by the amount of hate I have for that expression and whoever came up with it at the Janet Jackson Superbowl titty flash….my second response is to hate anyone who is keeping it alive by using it in their articles and posts about these kinds of things….and the third is “where are the fucking pics, can I see ass hole or pussy lip…”….

Today’s Jennifer Lawrence ripped dress that was called a Wardrobe Malfunction by everyone I hate….had the potential of being fucking exciting….because ever she’s admitted she has a fat dumpy ass capable of causing damage…but instead the top and bottom split reveling nothing but a little thigh and/or knee…..in what the dress was supposed to do….what a waste.

Spoiler alert – Jennifer Lawrence wins.

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