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Jennifer Love Hewitt Half Naked for a Stndrd Magazine of the Day

This whole Jennifer Love Hewitt deciding to get in shape and find her sex appeal at 35 is really strange to me….I guess what happened was that her ego couldn’t handle being laughed at in her late 20s and early 30s when she constantly got dumped from her boyfriends/fiances as she progressively got fatter….and she had to prove us all wrong…and remind us what her life in the industry is all about…but it would have been such a better strategy, if she was playing the role of the hooker when she was 22, you know when we really would want to see her half naked…but instead she was in high demand and the most she’d give us was some cleavage, like some good little christian….

I guess the life lesson is….if you forget about busty babes, they’ll turn fat and come back harder than ever to prove that they haven’t lost whatever they once had….and I guess I can’t complain about that….but I am sure I can find a way…like focusing on her being chubby, not toned even after photoshop at her best angles, without showing off her cankles…and 100 fucking years old….but I’m still into her being a fragment of what was….

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