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Vanessa Hudgnes and Ashley Tisdale Hide Their Faces Together of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is some identity crisis who doesn’t really know what the fuck she is doing, or where she is going. She was puppet mastered by her mom as a kid, and has since gone through a series of WTF is she doing, from nude pics, to more recently getting into a bikini without going on a diet first in Spring Breakers, to this, following Ashley Tisdale’s face covering, cuz Tisdale has a bad face, thanks to botched surgery, while Hudgens should be taking advantage of the opportunity to be the hot one by association….you know like all those hot chicks next to fat chicks at the bar, who aren’t that hot when pulled from the fat chicks.

Either way, who knows why she’s participating, probably to prove she’s still her friend and high school musical sister, after ditching the botched face for her Spring Breakers hype.

Useless girls in hollywood, making too much money, hiding their faces, who cares.

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  • Travis

    Correction:Ashley Tisdale has a bad face thanks to genetics. It was then made worse by surgery.