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Miley Cyrus for V Magazine of the Day

In case you didn’t know, Miley Cyrus is fucking hot and here she is at her fucking hottest.

I’ve been celebrating her break-up and her recent coming back into the limelight to show that fucker what he’s missing, ever since it happened. You know in a bitter, spiteful, typical girl way.

But this shit is just over the fucking top. I mean I’ve been documenting pretty much every pic she’s put on twitter, every song she’s put out, every short shorts, high heels, no bra, child star with serious underlying issues, but this V Magazine shit, pretty much jsut blew my fucking mind. I am almost as excited as the Disney exec who just hired her after her dad and mom signed the waiver saying they will never sue him for the blowjobs he gets from her as it’s part of the business….only the things i would to do her are far more perverted than that dude.

Seriously, as long as Miley isn’t talking, and as long as you don’t see her entitled brat ways, she’s glorious.

I’m into this.

Here’s the video

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  • Phillip McCracken

    didnt i see these pictures like 15 years ago when pink was first getting popular?

  • Miley, if you have to wear your thug gangster arm bands that say “sexy” so that people understand that this is supposed to be “sexy” then it’s not “sexy”.

  • Slayer

    If she hadn’t cut off her long ass hair she’d be way more fuckable. That shit she has now makes my penis sad,

  • Joe

    This girl have been copying every pose, clothing, eye roll haircut from Wendy James. (from 80s band Transvision Vamp)
    Is there ONE DAM THING ORIGINAL thats come out of the Disney campus in the past 20 years ?

    Wendy James in 1986:

  • Rosarch

    Damn that little bitable ass is perfect.

  • Abstract

    I never thought she was attractive, and these pictures do nothing for her. Her body is fine, it’s any generic female celebrity’s body. I guess she’s a butterface for me.

  • Brad

    Is that justin bieber?