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Rihanna’s Amazing Ass Shot for Twitter of the Day

Apparently Rihanna posted this Ass Shot to twitter, I didn’t cross reference it becasue I am lazy, and figure it doesn’t really matter if she did or not, whether the ass is hers…..I am just happy it happened…because an black ass with shorts that look like this…and a prison tattoo….are fucking jokes and worth lookin at….no matter who the ass belongs to…and if the racists are right and all black people look the same, then this pic pretty much is her and I am loving that she’s putting it on blast…she’s my kind of money making exhibitionist who doesn’t need to be an exhibitionist at all….but does it cuz she likes it.

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  • Anthony

    No bruises. She must be single in the picture.

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    It would look better if it was black and blue.