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Kelly Brook Nipple Does GQ Turkey of the Day

I guess it is appropriate that Kelly Brook would be in something from Turkey, since she’s been getting stuffed like a Turkey as often as she can if it meant climbing up that ladder of success.

I mean her career is based on a set of tits, there’s really only one way to get rich and famous from tits, especially considering most women, at least who aren’t Angelina Jolie have tits…steep competition…and sure her tits are great, but are they any better than other curvy girls with fat asses out there. The defining thing about her…is her ability to fuck the right people well enough that they are willing to get her jobs…

Not that it matters, here are the pics from the magazine looking as good as a meaty girl can…making me hungry and shit….

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  • mick

    Nipples to tongue. Please.