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Catherine McNeil’s Hot Shoot for Harpers Bazaar Korea of the Day

Catherine McNeil is some Australian lipstick lesbian, who I am sure is just “GAY FOR PAY”, you know like all of ELLEN’s wives, because dating a chick gets a lot of media attention when the chick you’re dating is more famous than you.

I mean maybe I am just ignorant, and firmly believe all real lesbians, you know the kind molested by their family members or raped in their younger years, develop a hatred of cock and sexuality, look like dudes, and any hot lesbian is up to no good, taking advantage of a situation, cuz why would they be hot and lesbian at the same time, it just doesn’t make sense, lesbians don’t care about looks, they are the hub for ugly people getting love, and looks or looking good, is strictly girls looking for dudes to objectify them. Fact.

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