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Elisabetta Canalis Hot Ass for Social Media of the Day

I guess this is what life after Clooney looks like. Elisabetta Canalis, known for being the vagina the George Clooney didn’t cum inside, because if he did, she’d have at least one kid, cuz based on her behavior, she knows the rule of the opportunist slut with a hot body. Leading me to think Clooney has a Vasectomy, not that I care about Clooney sperm count, or even this Elisabetta Canalis, who’s only other hit, other than being “hit” by George Clooney’s balls against her ass, is being an extra Deuce Bigalow – European Gigolo…but I do care about any ass, or at least about looking at any ass, that looks like this. Let’s hope she keeps producing this kind of smut, you know to make herself matter like she did when she was an A-Listers arm candy, doing it on her own, like a good little trick….

I mean use your gold digging groupie opportunist ladder climbing to actually ladder climb…

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  • cowbulls

    That is an outstanding ass. I hope she allows access to that starfish.

  • pitro

    ahahah.peccato che la canalis non sia americana o inglese .avreste riempito i giornali osannando la sua bellezza.la differenza fra voi e noi e che voi parlate ancora di clooney e vi mangiate il fegato a noi di clooney non importa un fico secco