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Kelly Brook Instagrams Her Bikini of the Day

Kelly Brook decided to produce some self shot titty pics, because titty pics is pretty much all Kelly Brook knows.

Titty pics have been the foundation of her career and really is her life purpose since she was 20. Now pushing 40, is at the top of her titty pics game, and I guess she feels the need to celebrate, since they helped her win the lottery that is her life, because you never know, one day she can develop breast cancer, and it’ll all be over.

I mean the older she gets, the more the stats are against her and the likely that will happen…

Sluts always plan for the worst and have an exit strategy in the form of a rich dude to get knocked up by. Here are her Instagram pics, conveniently hiding her belly and ass, focusing on the goods.

If her instagram pics don’t excite you – here’s her GQ Turkey promo video…

And if that didn’t excite you, maybe you’re just not into dumpy girls from the UK with huge tits pushing 40.

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