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Marloes Horst is Amazing for Harpers Bazaar July of the Day

Marloes Horst is a dutch model, who I have seen topless HERE and HERE …but unfortunately not in person, partially because I don’t leave my house, but also because girls, especially models find me a creep they want nothing to do with because all I do is talk about ejaculating in them.

She’s not a huge model, she’s just getting started, but has been getting work, like this Harpers Bazaar Shit, that I wouldn’t mind having sex with, except for all the paper cuts, but for Marloes, I am willing to feel pain…but I’d prefer to take her to dinner and a movie, or what I like to call the gateway date to anal…if you roofies the popcorn.

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  • cowbulls

    I’d recommend saving the meds for someone with a better body. A great ass is so necessary to great sex unless BJs are enough for a man.