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Urban Outfitters Perverted Summer Camp Campaign of the Day

Urban Outfitters has gone creepy. They have decided to do an erotic shoot of girls in camp. If you know anything about camp, it is a highly sexual experience for teenagers who have no parents supervising, many first blow jobs are given in camp, many experimentation with circle jerks, and group sex happen at camp, but the average age of people on camp grounds is probably around 15…you know councillors by 17…and working a real job that pays more than 3000 dollars for an entire summer by 18….

The models are Gabby Westbrook and Nadine Leopold and here they are posing in bikinis and shit while pretending to be 15 in some Urban Outfitters perversion…that I bet you would like…because camp is usually hard to escape from making it good for your kind of predator….

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