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Britney Spears Twitter Bikini Pic of the Day

Britney Spears posted this to twitter with the caption “WorkBitchDay2″…whatever the fuck that means…I assume she’s shooting a video…or doing something that I’m not gonna bother complaining about because she’s doing it in a bikini and even if I think Britney Spears is a pile of trailer trash shit seeping out of the communal outhouse, especially now that she’s in her 30s, a mom, and relatively boring, there was a time she was a huge deal, hot enough to jerk off to her music videos, and a pile of pop tart after it was digested…and shat all over the walmart bathroom stall…

I am still convinced that the best thing that came out of Britney Spears was K-Fed, the gold digging fertile motherfucker who taught us all that if you know how to dance, for a dumb, sheltered bi-polar bitch, dreams can come true…

She doesn’t look as bad as you’d expect, at least not from the front, probably all the ativan…good medicated millionaire puppet hustle…it’s her angle…cuz from the her Backside she is Pretty Shitty

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would happily find a fold and fuck it, she has always worked for me, even when she was 13.