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Rose McGowan Amazing Nudity for Apartamento Magazine of the Day

Rose McGowan, one of my favorite celebrity boobs, at least for nostalgic purposes, has recently been in this NUDE VIDEO FOR NOWNESS , which may have felt like a shitty student film, but that was pretty fucking genius enough for me, because she was naked in it…and I am a fan of that nakedness, or any excuse for Nakedness, even if her nudity is something I was a little more into 17 years ago…when she wasn’t in her 40s…but even at 40…

I am sure Rose McGowan is more than just tits, she’s always been lovely to me…I’m sure she’s got a great personality and a lot to offer…but that’s not something we can really focus on in these pics..because these pics…are about the tits…and I’m ok with that.

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  • She use to be cute, but now she looks like a hag with all the plastic surgery.