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The Best Video I have Ever Seen Ever of the Day

It happened.

I just experienced The Best Video I have Ever Seen Ever….

I don’t think there will ever be a video quite as magical as this.

It just can be possible, the world is that good.

But it did make this and this just revolutionized my life.

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  • thats not fucking funny, idiot.

  • juanhunglow

    like dwarf tossing without the toss. guessing she is to short to ride the rides.

  • Frotteurist

    Holy God, Allah and the Buddah himself I hope that each one of these guys end up on LiveLeak being beheaded with blunt knives!

  • Spangler7777

    poor old dear probably had a heart attack.

  • Travis

    I laughed but ultimately felt bad for the woman.
    The fact that this is obviously a 3rd world country & knowing that none of these people, the old woman included have next to no quality of life, softens the blow…

  • JC Wolfe

    What in the hell did I just watch!?….funny?..nope..
    ….dumbest video I ever saw?…maybe…I just know it’s a minute wasted that I’ll never get back..

  • bo

    Yes i agree I was laughing til i found out it was anlil old lady how would u like it if it was ur mom?