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Miranda Kerr See Through in Elle Spain of the Day

The fascinating thing about Miranda Kerr working as a free agent is how often she shows her tits for attention.

It’s like fucking Bieber was the biggest mistake of her life, and that’s what you get when you fuck with evil, you get what you deserve, fired and divorced from your gay coke head husband who wasn’t fucking you…and you did it all because you felt invincible and now she’s out there showing implants like a common hooker, which works, because that’s what she is…because hooking is a state of mind.

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  • Travis

    Wow, what a slut.

  • j

    Who cares if she wants attention with tits like that she can get anything she wants

  • cowbulls

    Damn nice body but following Leo would turn my stomach.

  • Bron

    She’s one step from becoming a high-class prostitute. And yes she’d make a great one, like infamous Zhang Ziyi did.