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Kate Upton Vagina Of the DAy

The rumor is that this now famous picture of Kate Upton body painted for SI SWIM includes her full on vagina, because like her, her vagina is hungry and eats through body paint.

Apparently, SI Posted this yesterday…I didn’t see it on their site…

I have a hard time believing this is legit, only because I’ve seen so many girls body painted over the years, and they all wear some maxi pad looking thing over their pussy…trust me, I always look to the pussy…and never see it…

So I don’t see why SI wouldn’t make Kate Upton wear that…and even if they didn’t, Kate Upton has an awkward and weird chubby body, and it is photoshopped in this picture, so is her face, making me wonder how the pussy just got overlooked…It makes no fucking sense….Leave it all but the pussy…

Kate Upton fans, I assume this is a fucking dream…a dream much like Kate Upton’s of a world with endless all you can eat buffet….

I guess the only way for the truth to really come out is for Kate Upton to show us her pussy, one I assume has fatter outer lips and less clit hood sticking out..It would be irresponsible for me to not post this, but I am convinced this is a lie….but a good marketing strategy for everyone involved…

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  • I saw a buzzfeed article that showed they use latex vagina flaps et.al.

    I’m sure hers is droopy and all smooshed up inside itself.

  • Joe

    Its a very well made fake. I saw an image of them painting her. She was wearing a pad for this shot some months back. I remember they blended where strings are

  • Phillip McCracken

    you need a giant sign on your website that says…

    “no Fat chicks aloud”

    so no one has to soil their eyes with fucking hogs like Kate upTON

  • Joe in Brooklyn

    Somebody photo shopped the diaper like pad, you can see where the paint “joint is” between the crotch and the hip.
    No way would they put Aluminum, Silver or Chromium oxide or any other paint on her vagina. It would wick up into her and it’s POISONIOUS to most people.
    A HUGE lawsuite issue—never happen.
    Stupid Americans who beleive this must be the same dopes who voted Obama.

    BTW shes not fat, just big boobed !!!

  • Rosarch

    Joe you have mental issues, seek help.

  • cowbulls

    I think Kate looks scrumptious. I would like a couple of cases of water, a six pack of chap stick, some anal lube and Kate for as long as I could last. I would dehydrate myself in and on her body.

  • snipes

    While there were at it they should have painted her a waistline! She looks like Sponge Bob Squarepants with big tits, seriously take them away and he is what is left lol.

  • pluggy

    It’s real. Sent the webmaster a way he can prove it to himself. Just enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.