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Fat Cameron and Fat Madden Brother on the Beach of the Day

I haven’t laughed at a paparazzi pic in a really long time, I generally find the repetitive and boring, of people I don’t care about, and who I actually think are fucking awful and polluting society, but I guess there’s still a way for the paparazzi to into my heart…at least that’s what these pics of Cameron Diaz on the beach with one of the Good Charlotte Sisters, who she is Dating, because she’s run through every dude in Hollywood, and this motherfucker was the last in line for that bukkake party….and she looks fucking massive, overpowering him like some big clunky model in menopause, that I guess she is…

It amazes me that she books roles as the hot chick still, I mean she’s at the point in her life…where it is time to one-piece…

Either, this Picture makes me laugh more than the herpes I know they both have…

I mean this should be a scene in her next shitty ROMCOM….called Big Girl Who Once Was A Babe in Every Movie on Washed up Pop-Rockstar with shitty tattoos…


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  • Isleparadise

    Cameron isn’t looking so good. I think it’s the bikini

  • Shants

    eff that Cam has a sick bod. That bathing suit is not amazing, but even still, with all thats going ‘wrong’ in these pictures, she looks incredible.

  • a dude

    She looks hot.

  • uhhhhreally

    are you serious? she looks amaze. hypocritical much?

  • Rosarch

    She is old, ugly and looks like a dude, that’s why she has to resort to dating D-List losers like this tool. I mean, who the fuck would want to date this fucking tool?

  • Jenn

    Funny how nothings said about the guys not so hot body…Cameron looks great!

  • FattyMcGee

    It’s funny seeing all these WOMEN defend Cameron’s body because they’re all probably her age and twice her weight with loads of excess skin.

    Her body is fine for a non-famous old lady. But it’s still not the best.

  • Ffsss

    It’s funny seeing all these MEN call Cameron Diaz fat when they are probably twenty times as hideous as Madden but still think they deserve someone with a better (thinner? More lipoed? Bigger butt/boobs?) body.

    “I’m a man with individual tastes and desires that I would never admit to my dude bros but I’m also a completely subjective ‘beauty and hotness judge.’ ”

    So delusional.

  • Rosarch

    Who the fuck called her fat retard? Are your reading comprehension skills that poor? There is literally not one comment calling her fat.

  • Dooky

    Nothing wrong w/ her body. Whoever said she was fat is F’d up in the head