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Top 10 Arianna Grande Showed Her ass on Today Show of the Day

I like the idea of making random top 10 lists, and really not bother with the whole list thing, it’s my clever clickbait strategy that will allow me to fit in with all the other sites doing it, because the general public are retards and love lists even when those lists are randomly thrown together because internet journalism is flimsy..

That said, I am into seeing this Disney chick flashing the Today show her panties on her big trying to get famous tour, but only because I know she takes massive black cock in whatever she’s hiding under her panties, you see because Big Sean leaked a nude years ago….and with that nude I can easily determine that she’s a size queen and her vagina is a monster….and nothing makes white dudes happy like knowing a white girl they jerk off to get ravaged everyday by huge black cock.

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