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J.Lo Hard Nipple Does Complex of the Day

I think J.Lo aka Jennifer Lopez….is a fucking scam. I think her celebrity is really based on positioning and timing, but I guess it always is, the 90s were good to he and marketing to a demographic in the population that didn’t really speak english, using the fact that she was representing their dreams…worked…but it’s 25 years later, she’s old as fuck and a mom, yet still rockin’ a decent enough body, but probably one too old to be dressed half naked, with hard mom nipples in a leotard…but she’s all about drawing attention to herself, it makes her more money than God, it gets her noticed, and people care…and I guess she’s still hot…I mean we’ve seen enough of her on this promo tour for whatever movie she’s been promoting..she’s fucking everywhere…and whether I think she’s a trashy, washed up, or annoying doesn’t take away the fact that my friends over at COMPLEX got what I would consider the best pics of her ever…but I am biased because Complex are the best…and in terms of J.Lo, these are fucking hot…and I may even break the internet…because if Kim Kardashian’s bare ass that did porn can go viral…so can J.Lo, who has real fames hard nipples…I believe…


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