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Charlotte McKinney’s Nipple for GQ of the Day


Charlotte McKinney generally has a shitty looking face, But she sure has big tits..

She looks alright in this GQ photoshoot, that I’ve already posted some of the pics of…she sure has big tits..

She’s the kind of girl, who is straight from Florida, which means even if she’s rich, she’s still white trash…but she sure has big tits..

Those big tits got her one campaign for one brand…and boom, she becomes the tits…in Dancing with the Stars…because she sure has big tits..

She did not have any star status at all…but she sure had big tits..yet the TV show called her a star…because she sure has big tits..

So now she’s trying to leverage that experience so that she sticks around, by reminding you that she sure has big tits..and NIPPLES!!

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  • jpdanzig

    NEVER underestimate the power of big natural tits!!!