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stepGIRLS vs Roll-Uh-Bowl of the Day


Our Friends at Roll-Uh-Bowl , who make a pretty genius and affordable portable waterbong gave us the opportunity, or rather the excuse to spend a night with our original stepGIRL…Macbud…who those of you who read the site will remember…because she’s been part of so much good that we’ve done….

We figured, it’s Christmas so why not have a Christmas part of our own, filled with nothing to do with Christmas, since Christmas is considered illegal in some states now, as it is non-inclusive..but it did involve a lot of product testing…and as you know…when you get a beautiful girl high in a hotel room for a photoshoot…things lead to pretty fucking naked…

So thank you Roll-Uh-Bowl for making our dreams come true..a real Christmas Miracle…for you and yours…

Merry Christmas to all…and by that I mean Happy Holidays…and by that I mean buy a fucking Roll-Uh-Bowl you cheap fuck…we’re offering a discount code when you buy.

Remember, they brought you the Macbud and her glorious breasts…nothing wrong with that.


Model: Macbud
Brought you by: Roll-Uh-Bowl


For the best gift for any smoker in your life.get Roll-Uh-Bowl the silicone, portable, industructable, waterpipe

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