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Joanna Krupa is Still Trying of the Day


Joanna Krupa brought out some of her low level modeling skills to some photoshoot in attempts to pretend she’s not 40 and it’s all over for her…because thanks to decent botox, some solid fake tits, a fit body and a stint on a couple of shitty reality shows that don’t really matter, but that increase her stock price or value….as more than just a Glamour model, but rather some kind of personality…even though Glamour modeling is all she knows….all she’s ever done…in efforts to help her career as a prostitute…

I am not amazed this girl exists, there will always be a place for hot chicks he get naked in cheesy photoshoots…because I’ll always look….I won’t pay..but I’ll look at it for free which is fine because she’s doing it more as a hobby then anything as her payroll comes from fucking.

What a whore

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