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Lindsey Vonn Olympic Ass on All Fours in a Bikini of the DAy


That is Lindsey Vonn’s powerful ass from the ski hill has made a move to LA after getting what we can assume is AIDS from Tiger Woods. That was herearly attempt to rebrand from the powerful ass from the Ski Hill to the slut that can tame a hooker fucker….and move to LA to be a slutty rich housewife…who unlike other slutty housewives – has Olympic gold…

It’s an Olympic year, so she’s gotta get out there as the paparazzi will be looking at all past Olympians – bother summer and winter – for any pictures they can spin into an Olympic related story.

So she’s taking her powerful ass in a skimpy bathing suit out for the paparazzi, crawling around in FUCK POSITION, which happen to be some of the best poses we can thank her training – not as an Olympic Atlhete but as a slut for creating….

We can assume, based on look and overall vibe of Lindsey Vonn, that this skier is rebranding as slut…Olympic Athlete is just not sex enough – and sex sells – it gets followers and rich husbands – while high testosterone, strong legs from a skier have always had a high sex drive but Olympic skier is up there with “she’s got a dick clit”…in terms of hot nd the only way to regulate that is to bust out them tits or ass…

Good times. Olympic dreams.


Here’s her panty flash….she’s on a mission…


Here’s a pull up…

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