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Adriana Lima for Victoria’s Secret New Fragrence Ad of the Day

Adriana Lima was at one point the hottest woman Victoria’s Secret ever recruited, that was probably 20 years ago by now, and in her late 30s, after having a few kids due to catholicism and poor decision making…she’s never fully bounced back and has a serious boxy mom body….that’s not to say she’s not a hot mom, not a fit money, not a low body fat mom, it’s just to say she looks like the middle aged mom she is, but she’s their leader, the den mother, the day shift stripper still going in because the strip club owner feels bad for her, and I guess they need to milk her for what they pay her, and doing video they can’t photoshop was the answer…

But she knows her angles and they know if they edit it like a strobe like to instil epileptic seizures as to not allow people to notice her flaws…..

Here she is doing a terrible interview about the fragrence…

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