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Kylie Jenner Hard Nipples of the Day


Kylie Jenner’s friend is some instagram style photographer – and Kylie is just a top level instagram model -or personality – because a model would mean she’s got a tall, lean, model body…as I only consider models to be actual models – and the rest of the girls – who get naked or half naked – who are targeting black dudes who love social media and who are the reason vine existed – with the big fake asses and in Kylie’s case…fake everything else…you know 18 or 19 and already rockin’ a jacked up face and liposuction body – that allows all these girls to skip the instagram filter as they’ve instead purchased it in real life – to follow them everywhere they go…it’s like the real life facetune is shaping and filling and botoxing – and it’s a terrifying concept – it has totally negative effects on young girls who follow these idiots…but at least they are staying current with slutty half naked pics – because despite being vile and disgusting – I still like seeing them naked for attention…all the money in the world doesn’t seem to make them stop fighting for likes. It’s addictive, and far more fun than watching a heroin addiction, except in the Kardashian – kill all men in their life case – because seeing them die off would be a blessing to the world…something we could #blessed all day….

All these instagram pics look the same – but here’s some of her nipples from the shoot she’s been milking like it was the cow that is her, or her sisters…or I guess her dad turned mom…

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