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Emma Stern Nielsen Bathing Suit Campaign of the Day


I love Emma Stern Nielsen……she’s a busty model who has been around for awhile, but new to me, because even when I’ve followed her on instagram for a year and I still don’t remember her…

That’s not to say she’s not memorable, but I’ll forget her in 3 minutes, but right now, all I want to do is by suffocated by her vagina lops while she eats my ass…with this magical mouth…those lips are crazy, that body is crazy, and seeing her do a bikini campaign may not be a nude for attention photoshoot for “fun”…or “editorial”….but it’s something good enough to imagine her on the beach eating an ice cream…as it melts and drips down her face onto her tits….wiping it off with one hand…while inserting random objects in her vagina with the other…the way all beach fantasies are supposed to be.

She’s great….a keeper…something weird looking about her, but also nostalgic…I’m into it…

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  • enword

    I would sniff her pits for hours.

  • gwen

    She’s a cute little thing.

  • gwen

    She’s a cute little thing.