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Bella Hadid is a Model in a Magazine of the Day

In case you weren’t a believer that BELLA HADID was a model…and you just assumed that BELLA HADID was a rich kid, with an older sister who is also a rich kid, and a mom who is a fame whore reality TV star, who shamelessly wanted attention so bad she did some show about vapid rich housewives…while her other stepsons did some other reality show and her other stepdaughters did another reality show…in the whole LA scene is some incestuous, vortex from hell of these vain egotistical rich people sucking each other’s dicks while having this superiority complex that gets them hired by idiot brands trying to get a piece of that action…making them all more money….

Here’s the Sunday Times Fashion Insert proving she’s a model…because they don’t just feature vapid rich kids that aren’t even that hot…they feature vapid rich kids that aren’t that hot but that tricked the world into thinking they are models….

That’s how journalism works…they’d never lie to us…meaning Bella Hadid is REAL..just look how she poses – how could that be a lie…

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  • Kylimayrow

    Same plastic and paid for face in every shot. Can these Hadid hacks be over, they were so last year. Next

  • Dina Strange

    Basic women…basic morons who look at them.

  • Tim Church

    Long as they have the looks, they’re every year. Also, it’s not you or I who decide when they’re over, but those who will still hire them & pay for the shots.

  • Nice, thanks uploader.