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Elle Fanning Behind the Scenes of the Day

Elle Fanning is the creepy bootleg sister of the other Fanning that was used to pave the way for this Fanning, because she’s the relevant and important Fanning as the other one is probably off somewhere self medicating due to having had her childhood sold out, to pave the way for the real star, Elle Fanning…

There’s something really creepy about her look and vibe, you know like she’s a soulless vessel designed to star in movies to make her and her family rich and to keep the family name alive..

But there’s nothing creepy about watching her getting ready for the met earlier this week, in what is some peeping tom style content, that speaks to my peeping tom soul, despite her being in on the peeping…which almost takes away from the excitement of peeping!

Here she is in in Pajamas


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