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Lara Stone Nude of the Day

Lara Stone Naked in farmland

Lara Stone is pretty fucking old by now, but she was a busty model, doing busty model things for many years, getting paid, rocking a tooth gap and I was a fan…I was really into all she was about…until…realizing that she was a total cunt when she tried to sue me and I guess everyone else who put out pics from her Honeymoon, that I didn’t take, that at the time I even had the right to post….because I guess she thought they were personal, or she was embarrassed of marrying a fat comedian because it was a play MONEY….

Either, I found it weird she was pushing a lawsuit when I had already seen her cunt, and a few years later she’s back out there showing her cunt…and I guess I never officially got sued…so I should just focus on what’s important…and that is that she’s getting naked.

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