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Ashley Tisdale in a Bra – Because Who the Fuck Knows Why of the Day

Ashley Tisdale black bra for instagram

What the hell’s going on with this Ashley Tisdale posting lacy lingerie bra pics to the internet – to her social media – like a shameless fame hungry young girl – but old and having already made it – could it be that all these celebrities are just commodities, objects eager and ready to be used by whoever feeds their egos and gives them money, is this her arrogance of being “like all the other girls”…current…with it…not dated and played out…washed up and shut the fuck up get out of here married bitch…

Or is she just trying to distract you from her broken down, plastic surgery BOTCHED face…because she’s just a glitch in the matrix…but she’s here and some of you perverts like it.

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