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Farrah Abraham Fashion Model of the Day

Farrah Abraham Fashion Model

If you don’t know anything about Farrah Abraham, and you shouldn’t…it’s that she’s known for having a fashion model body….I mean why else would she be walking the runway…that tall, lean, delicate face….

I mean she’s known for that, fashion model shit, along with being a slutty teen who got pregnant to get on TV, and became famous on a reality show, that couldn’t sustain that fame after the reality show, but was always slutty and figured fucking worked for her before, that’s how she got famous, might as well fuck again in porn with a porn star, and carry out that sex worker life…it’s empowering…pays the bills…keeps people talking about her…when she probably should have done something else than film herself squirting…but I guess girl sees cameras and turns on…

Here she is fashion modeling, confusing maybe, but some brands are clever enough to use bottom feeders to add hype to their bullshit…I’d do the same by I can’t afford her 500 dollar or less day rate.

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