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Lais Ribeiro’s Victoria’s Secret Birthday Party of the Day

Lais Ribeiro's Victoria's Secret Birthday Party

Lais Ribeiro is the single mother, teen mom, Farrah Abraham of the Victoria’s Secret world, who is no longer a teen mom, her kid is like 20, and she claims to be 27, so my math doesn’t make sense, but what it comes down to is that she was imported from Brazil by the pervert billion dollar brand, and has since made a lot of friends, at least that what it looks like from her Birthday party that featured everyone from the Victoria’s Secret roster, because either was paid for by VS, or they just don’t interact with commoners unless it comes down to selling them made in China bullshit…

I don’t know what her birthday party was all about, but I got some of the pics, mainly because Josephine Skriver, the humanoid VS model is hot.

You should all go wish Lais Ribeiro a happy birthday on her social media feed…because that’s how you get into the position to K-Fed her…you know or creep her out and get blocked…but either way, who cares…an aging model is nothing ever worth celebrating.

Some videos:

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