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Maitland Wards Doing the Same Tricks in 2018 of the Day

Maitland Ward nipples and pussy  in a lace bra and panties

The funniest thing about Maitland Ward, is that despite not really understanding who the fuck she is, she’s been consistently the most popular posts I post on the site in the last year or two and that makes no fucking sense to me…because I don’t know why anyone would care about a chubby, 40 year old, ginger bitch with sloppy body and tits, all because she was on boy meets world in the 90s, and I guess the people who follow the site or click on this shit are people who go to blogs, thus 40 year olds who were prime nerd age when blogs started, and this is the shit they like…

None of that new young pussy being shameless and erotic….focus on the low level, average at best look, Walgreen Dream….like Maitland Ward…

I mean good job finding her hustle…if only we could find what we are good at, what we find fun, getting paid without having to really do anything…decent….

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  • Jerry Jonez

    I dont care that she was on Boy Meets World.
    I care that she’s a ginger with big tits. Also I’m one of those nerds you make fun of and I like when she cosplays.